Complete Guide of Curling a Bob wig

Complete Guide of Curling a Bob wig

Have you purchased a bob wig? And want to curl it? If yes, then you have hit the right spot. A problem with short wigs is that their styling is always super challenging and tricky. Since curls look adorable on bobs, you can't help yourself but go with specific hairstyling. Simple curls might not take some time, but they are not as voluminous as you want them to be. So, if you are in the mood to add a bit of volume and texture to your bob hairstyle, you need to continue reading this detailed guide.

Thermal Protection

You have spent a good amount of money on your bob wig, so the very first thing to grab is a thermal protection spray. You need to shower it all over your wig to avoid getting damaged due to the hot styling iron. When you use a spray-on wig, it can withstand heat and temperature quite well. This step is a must to maintain the beauty and integrity of your bob wig over time. Once you spray this product, grab a comb and start combing it quickly, so the product spreads evenly from root to tail.

Parting the Hair

Now the next step is partition. Pick a long-tail comb from your dresser and divide hair into the top and bottom. Your bob will divide horizontally. Keep these parts separate by using a hairband or a crocodile clip. You need to separate top part from lower. You will start curling your bob wig from the lower part at first. If you don't fix or separate the upper part, it will keep interfering and disturbing you during styling, so ensure that you part it well.

Choosing Your Iron

Always get a curling iron that lets you adjust the heat setting. You need to use one inch or 2.5 cm curling iron to make curls in your bob hair. It's a good idea to use wangs without clamps as these small objects create bad-looking tight curls, which you don't like to wear proudly. You can set the temperature at 200 degrees. When you have a voluminous and thick hair bob, you can go beyond 250 degrees temperature.

Setting the Right Temperature

One thing you need to understand at this point is that you may not get perfect curls at first. It's because you have to experiment with different temperatures with your bob wigs. Some wigs are very thick and heavy to withstand high temperatures such as 300-400 degrees. Other wigs are fragile and can't withstand more than 200 degrees Temp. A good suggestion is to start with a low temperature and then increase it.

Curling Time

Take one inch of hair and wrap it around your curling wand. For curling the right side of the hair, keep your iron in your left hand. You need to wear heat-resistant gloves to avoid finger scalding. Hold iron for five to ten seconds, and then release the hair from the iron. Move to the next inch of hair and keep doing that until the lower part is done. Now release the upper hair part and start curling them. Make sure that you keep wand close to your hair but away from your face.