Six Differences Between Boho Clothing And Hippie

Six Differences Between Boho Clothing And Hippie

The boho clothing and hippie are almost similar but also very different. Therefore, many people have trouble distinguishing between the two. Thus, if you want to buy a boho outfit, it is essential to differentiate it from hippie clothing. Failure to differentiate it may ensure you buy hippie instead of boho. Thus, below is how to determine the difference between boho clothing from hippie.

Differences between boho clothing and hippie

1.      Boho clothing vs hippie type of fashion

The hippie type of fashion is free-spirited and does not conform to the standard dress. In comparison, the boho clothing is highly expressive, unconventional, and laid back. Therefore, the boho and hippie styles are almost similar in style and meaning. Additionally, bohemian clothing consists of the vintage type of clothing that is put and mixed up together. In contrast, the hippie does not significantly fall into any major category. People previously wore hippie clothing to symbolize economic, political, and social views. Therefore, it is essential to know the type of fashion before buying clothing.

2.      Boho clothing and hippie Origins

Hippie clothing has a political origin, while boho clothing is aesthetic. The Hippie attire includes; bright colors, long hair, colored beads, and flared jeans. Individuals wear the clothes to indicate affiliation, harmony, and unity towards a specific cause. Thus, both originated from different backgrounds.

Additionally, hippie clothing is considered unisex; therefore, the clothing is interchangeable between all sexes. But, the boho clothing is designed to promote femineity. Consequently, they are best suited for women’s lifestyles. Furthermore, the hippie style is meant to give out a bold statement, while the boho clothing is meant for fashion.

3.      Mix and matching

The hippie style and boho clothing have long histories. But of the key differences is that hippie fashion is free from any conformity; that is, people can choose to wear them as uniquely as possible. But, the boho style of clothing consists of mixing and matching. That is from colors to patterns and to design. Additionally, boho clothing consists of mixing both modern and ancient styles.

4.      Sophistication

The boho clothing has some of its roots coming from the hippie style. But, it highlights a specific personality and lifestyle and is more women-centered. The boho style of clothing promotes sophistication among women. Furthermore, it ensures that women are stylish.

5.      Lifestyle

The hippie form of clothing is considered more a lifestyle than a fashion trend. Therefore, if you wish to buy boho clothing, it is essential to focus on its meaning. Hippies are generally considered to be fun-loving and carefree people. They do not follow any of life’s rules. The boho type of clothing follows the rules. People best wear them with expressive and artsy personalities.

6.      Official wear

People can wear hippie and boho clothing for casual wear. But one of the key differences between the two is that some boho clothing, like blouses, can be included in the office wear category.


The boho clothing and hippie are almost the same. The main difference is their origin and meaning behind the dressing. Therefore, if you are shopping for boho clothing, it is essential to know the different meanings of boho and hippie.