The best i7 Windows Laptop for Graphic Designing

The best i7 Windows Laptop for Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a highly demanding job. And if you are doing it, you can't rely on any laptop. You need something more extraordinary. Yes, i7 Windows laptops are the perfect match for a graphic designer lifestyle, but you can't get any of them. It would help if you had to pay attention to some basic features to make the right choice. Here are some recommendations of the best Core i7 Laptop for graphic designing.

Razer Blade 15

Mainly this laptop is known very best for gaming, but as you know, the gaming world brings high requirements. Thereby, the same specifications are quite the same for graphic designers. Whether you want to do video editing or planning to get clients' attention with 3D rendering, this one i7 Windows laptop can do all those magical tasks as quickly as you want.

This Razer blade brings an Intel Core i7-10750H processor to provide you with the speed of connectivity and performance. A graphic designer needs to run multiple applications like InDesign, Adobe Creative Suits, and others. Thereby, relying on a single-core processor won't be a bad move in your career. It would help if you had a very powerful CPU. Thanks to its existing NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 GPU, you can run multiple apps without getting stuck at any. Besides, you can deal with photos, illustrations, infographics, and other design aspects quite efficiently.

With its optimal memory speed of almost 12Gbps, you are free to connect it with 4K monitors to create powerful 3D renders and presentations for your upcoming project.

Honor MagicBook 14

If you keep changing your laptop due to overheating issues then Honor MagicBook 14 will surely offer you peace of mind. This Windows i7 Laptop is designed with heat dissipation technology. There are dual heat pipes that create the perfect exhaust. When you are working on your graphic design project, you usually have to work for long hours. No matter how long you’ve been working this laptop won’t heat up. Thereby, it offers you all the comfort you need.

If you use Adobe Creative Suites and have extensive web design work, its 16GB of RAM ensures that you can adjust multiple aspects of graphic design without experiencing shutters.

Dell XPS 15 9500

When you need the best i7 Windows laptop to handle your extensive graphic designing workload, the best choice here is a Dell XPS notebook. Although it brings the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor, it won't compromise processing speed. It offers turbo clocking a speed of up to 5GHz.

The eBay thing about this laptop is that it lets you try as many filters and editing as you like on an image. In case you use Photoshop CC for your creative editing tasks, you won't have to deal with any delay at all. Whether you are a beginner or pro of the web designing world, Windows 10 Home Edition offers excellent support to various designing software. In case you plan to work on 3D rendering, its display is big enough with exceptional color gamut and HDR technology to become your assistant in this task.

Dell doesn't use an old-school HDD; instead, it is integrated with 512GB SDD so that device boot-up time reduces to a great extent.

Once fully charged, its battery lasts for up to 12 hours. It gives you enough time to complete your task on the move.

HP Spectre x360 15t

It might be an expensive option than others, but if you are interested in trying a convertible with exceptional features, then it's the best i7 Windows laptop you can get. This one is specially designed for professional graphic designers. No matter what graphic design application you want to run, it will handle it with outstanding processing power and speed.

Thanks to its multi-threaded architecture, you can easily do CAD modeling and 3D rendering right from this laptop. There won't be any need to buy an extra laptop or hardware for it. This is because every best feature is integrated into it.

When you want to do 4K video editing, this laptop comes in handy. It features 16GB RAM and ultra-fast 1TB SSD, which lets you quickly start Windows 10 Pro Edition. This laptop is an ideal choice for professionals and people in business. Its 8-hour battery life is good enough to complete essential tasks on the move.


If you are looking for a convenient, affordable and easy-to-use laptop, then the Honor magicbook14 2021 will be your best choice. Its multiple properties will tempt you to get him in your pocket.