Top 4 Private Label Vitamin C Serum Ingredients Solution And Their Benefits

Top 4 Private Label Vitamin C Serum Ingredients Solution And Their Benefits

Private label vitamin C serum ingredients are crucial in manufacturing the Vitamin C serum. The ingredients ensure that the serum offers a perfect solution for skin concerns. If you want to start a skincare line, you can choose to stock the vitamin c serum wholesale private label. The only key consideration is to confirm all the ingredients present. Not all the ingredients manufacturers use are perfect for the serum. Some such as benzoyl peroxide can ensure that your vitamin C oxidizes. The oxidation reduces its potency. Below are some of the best vitamin C serum ingredients solution;

1. Ascorbic acid and Carnosine private label vitamin C serum

Many private label vitamin C serum manufacturers use ascorbic acid to manufacture the serum. Vitamin C neutralizes the acid. Therefore, it is not harmful to one’s skin. Carnosine is an excellent ingredient for preventing skin aging. In addition, it is very natural. Thus, the combination of 1% carnosine, 3% ascorbic acid, and vitamin C ensures that one can have a perfect serum. The primary benefit of the combined ingredients is that it plumps and hydrate one’s wrinkles appearance. The mixture is also ideal for strengthening one’s skin protective barrier. Therefore, the ascorbic acid and carnosine ensure that your skin develops a strong barrier against harmful factors, such as UV. It is also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

2. Ascorbic acid and niacinamide

Ascorbic and niacinamide are beneficial private label vitamin C serum ingredients. It is mainly because of the youthful glow it ensures. Many individuals currently want to stay young. Therefore, the best way to do it is to apply a Vitamin C serum. The niacinamide 5% and 3% ascorbic acid ensures an excellent serum. The mixture ensures that one has an even skin tone. There is nothing as crucial as maintaining an even skin tone, especially on one’s face. The solution also ensures that skin is well moisturized, radiant, soft, and clean.

3. Ascorbic acid and copper peptides private label vitamin C serum ingredients

If you want an excellent facial serum, a vitamin C serum with copper peptides and ascorbic acid is perfect. 0.5% copper peptides and 3% ascorbic acid make a great serum solution. The serum ensures that one’s skin can maintain its elasticity. It also provides that one’s skin appearance looks tighter. Therefore, the copper peptides and ascorbic acid usually target facial dullness and fine line appearance.

4. Alpha arbutin, ascorbic acid, and puri six private label vitamin C serum ingredients

There is nothing as significant as skin in good condition. The 1% puri six, 3% alpha-arbutin, and 10% ascorbic acid solution ensure that one’s skin maintains a bright appearance. Furthermore, the mixture conditions one’s skin. It also targets skin dullness and ensures that it brightens. In addition, the blend provides clear skin by preventing melanin production. Clear skin is always a welcome sight to anyone. Therefore, if you want a good product for your skin, then the solution is perfect.


The different private label manufacturers in the market use various ingredients for their Vitamin C serum. Therefore, before you buy, confirm whether the private label vitamin C serum ingredients are what you want.