Types Of Pressure Washers On The Market

Types Of Pressure Washers On The Market

Pressure washers work by directing water at high pressure through a spray wand and onto your target surfaces that require cleaning to remove tough stains and dirt particles. The washers are a valuable asset in your home and commercial cleaning environment because they make it easier and quicker to deal with stains that would have taken you much time and energy to remove manually. The best results of using a pressure washer are attained when you dispense detergents on the dirty surface to make the stains and dirt peel off more easily under the pressurized water. Pressure washers are classified differently according to the mode of operation and physical characteristics.

1. Cold water pressure washer

This pressure washer is the most commonly used machine that allows you to clean your spaces with water at the same temperature as the water coming from the tap. The washer will handle your domestic washing needs well as long as you understand the pressure variations to be used on different types of dirty surfaces you intend to clean.

2. Hot water pressure washer

The hot water pressure washer works on heating the water from the water tap before directing it onto the surface you wish to tidy up. This washer has a heating mechanism that raises the temperatures of water going through it to make your cleaning experience more convenient since it removes stains a lot quicker. Quickly removing tough stains is that water at high temperatures breaks the bonds between stain particles and makes them weaker. Therefore, it is easier for water coming at high pressure to remove such stains from the surface.

3. Electric pressure washer

The pressure washer operates using electric energy from your power supply points, and you must plug it in before it can be switched on to clean. The pressure washers are used close to the house because operating them far away from electricity sources is impossible. When you are looking for a pressure washer for domestic applications, it is recommended that you buy one that uses electricity since it is cheap and light-duty, therefore more suited domestically.

4. Gas pressure washer

This pressure washer uses gasoline in its engine to clean the surfaces that need cleaning. The pressure washer type provides more cleaning power required when you have a commercial washing bay where medium-duty surface washing activities are done.

5. Diesel pressure washer

This pressure washer is a heavy-duty machine that can only be used to clean industrial and agricultural equipment where extreme water pressures are necessary. You can use this type of washer in an environment where you need to remove the toughest stains, such as paint stuck on metallic parts of your heavy machinery.

6. Standing and wheeled pressure washer

The standing pressure washing unit has handles used to carry it around from one space to another while cleaning. The wheeled washer can be pushed around the compound since it has wheels to make it more mobile when cleaning a vast surface.


Understanding the different pressure washers in the market will enable you to make the right choice when you want to buy one. You also get to know how you will run it and the cost of running the washer. Take your time and look deeper into the washers in the market to figure out what works for you.